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Is Baseball Dying?
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
Some say baseball is no longer America's National Pastime. Some say baseball is dying. Some say baseball has a lot of problems, but others say that baseball is healthier than it has ever been.   more...
Is it time to make the infield shift illegal?
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
Teams are experimenting with hitter-specific defensive positioning with the goal of saving hits. Some say that it's time for a rule to made that makes these defensive shifts illegal.   more...
With Youth Baseball Participation Declining, Pitch In for Baseball Seeks to Give Kids Baseball Equipment
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
A 2014 Wall Street Journal study found that between 2008 and 2012, baseball participation by youths between the ages of 6 to 18 declined by 7.2-percent. See how others are chipping in.    more...
'Throw Like A Pro' App Seeks to Reduce Elbow Injuries
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Kevin Wilk have released the "Throw Like A Pro" app, designed to help reduce the number of elbow injuries, specifically Tommy John surgery.    more...
Little League Celebrates 75th Anniversary
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
On June 6th, Little League celebrated 75 years of youth baseball. The first Little League game was played in Williamsport, PA in 1939.    more...
Prince Fielder Chooses Local Park
Topic: Soft Touch News     Type: News
After former Milwaukee Brewers slugger won the MLB All-Star Game MVP award he was able to designate an organization to receive funds to help improve inner city youth baseball fields.  Among other improvements, Soft Touch® Bases are their base of choice!