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6 Changes to Speed up Baseball Games
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
To speed things up, MLB's pace-of-game committee has come up with six experimental rules to move things along.   more...
There IS crying in baseball?
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
The New York Giants broke a cardinal rule in baseball when they made it to the World Series.    more...
Is Baseball Dying?
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
Some say baseball is no longer America's National Pastime. Some say baseball is dying. Some say baseball has a lot of problems, but others say that baseball is healthier than it has ever been.   more...
Is it time to make the infield shift illegal?
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
Teams are experimenting with hitter-specific defensive positioning with the goal of saving hits. Some say that it's time for a rule to made that makes these defensive shifts illegal.   more...
With Youth Baseball Participation Declining, Pitch In for Baseball Seeks to Give Kids Baseball Equipment
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
A 2014 Wall Street Journal study found that between 2008 and 2012, baseball participation by youths between the ages of 6 to 18 declined by 7.2-percent. See how others are chipping in.    more...
'Throw Like A Pro' App Seeks to Reduce Elbow Injuries
Topic: Coach & Player Resources     Type: News
Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Kevin Wilk have released the "Throw Like A Pro" app, designed to help reduce the number of elbow injuries, specifically Tommy John surgery.    more...