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Installation Instructions - A Series - PREMIUM Bases
Topic: Installation Instructions   Type: Dealers
Installation Instructions for Soft Touch®
A Series Premium Bases

Congratulations on your purchase of Soft Touch® Baseball/Softball Bases.


The instructions should be read thoroughly before installation. If there are questions concerning the installation or use of these bases, consult Soft Touch ® before using them.

The patented SOFT TOUCH® base is designed for easy installation and maintenance. It is designed to flex and absorb energy as a player slides into the base. Enough force to the base will disengage it from the ground receptacle, to be replaced easily after disengagement.

It is recommended that the ground receptacle be cemented in place unless your infield soil is firm and will hold the receptacle securely in place (see figure 2).

Cement Installation:

Step l) Make sure site is level.

Step 2) Place the base upside down in the proper location (square to the base line for 1st base). Mark the outline of the base on the ground.

Step 3) Measure a 10"x 10" square in the center of the base outline for the ground receptacle and cement.

Step 4) Place cement around the sides and bottom of the receptacle so that the flange is one inch below the playing surface. Cement should be lapped slightly over the corner braces only in the bottom. The center of the receptacle should have no cement installed and should be left open for drainage. Taper the cement from the top of the flange at a 45° angle (see figure. 2).

Note: To speed the installation process the mounts can be encased in cement off site and allowed to dry before installation (see figure 2).
Step 5) After the cement has dried, level and tamp the ground around the top of the receptacle to insure that the base will lay flat and level and that the flange is at the correct depth of one inch from the playing surface.



Dirt Installation:

Step 1) Follow steps 1 and 2 for cement installation.

Step 2) Measure an 8" x 8" square in the center of the base outline for the ground receptacle hole.

Step 3) Place the ground receptacle in the hole with the flange of the mount one inch below the playing
surface. Pack and tamp the dirt around the sides and bottom of receptacle. The final installation
depth should be one inch below ground level.

Note: The underside of the base should make full contact-with the ground at all times with no voids or hollows.

 A Series Install Guide

CAUTION: The flange of the ground receptacle should not be less than one inch below the playing surface
at any time to insure that players will not make contact with it.

The tapered yellow plug is to be used inside each ground receptacle during play. Placing widest part in first, firmly push tapered yellow plug into ground receptacle until properly seated. Bases will then fit over the top of the yellow plugs. When a base releases from the ground receptacle, this plug will prevent a player from stepping into an open hole.

Please Note: If the base releases easily or releases too frequently, check the distance from the flange top to the playing surface. The distance should be one inch. The deeper the receptacle is buried, the easier the base will pop out of the ground mount. Remember, the base should always lay flat with full ground support on the underside. Dirt will sometimes build up during play, increasing the depth at which the ground mount is buried.

When the base has been dislodged it can be replaced quickly and easily. Before replacement, the ground should be leveled out to eliminate any buildup of dirt under the base and any dirt in the receptacle should be removed to insure that the base will sit fully supported by the ground and level.

Three heavy duty plastic bags are provided to fill the receptacle cavity when the bases are removed. Fill each bag with enough sand or dirt to completely fill the receptacle. Fold top over and place in opening. Cover the opening with infield dirt. When the bag is removed, most of the infield dirt will be removed with it. The receptacle filled with plastic bag and dirt will be the same density as the field around it. This will allow the bases to be used at intermediate distances for different leagues.

Note: It is important that a proper and regular maintenance program be followed to insure that the bases will lay flat and level on the field and perform as intended.

Warranty - Soft Touch® bases are warranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year (defined as a regular season of normal length for softball and baseball). Normal wear and tear is excluded from coverage.


Customer Advisory & Warning

Be advised that sliding into a baseball/Softball base may cause serious and permanent injury. No base, however constructed or designed, can prevent all injuries and the Soft Touch® base is no exception. Sporting events are dangerous in nature. Players, by their participation, assume all risks of injury. Players should be aware of their own physical limitations in participation. All players should be informed of the risks inherent in this sports activity and in the use of these bases. It is the purchaser's responsibility to inform each participant of these dangers. Manufacturer advises that deviation from installation instructions or failure to properly install and maintain bases and to properly groom playing surfaces around bases and home plate area could increase the risk of injury to players. Under no circumstances should these bases or base anchors be modified, altered, tampered with, or used when they are damaged. Serious injury may occur.


Click here to download a PDF of the complete installation guide for A1500.

Click here to download a PDF of the complete installation guide for A15DBL.