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Soft Touch® Bases are sold by sporting goods dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Below you will find a few of our dealers in your local area. Click the links for their website or the Detailed Dealers List for complete contact information.

If your local dealer is not listed below, they may still carry Soft Touch® Bases! If they don't, simply ask about Soft Touch® and tell them to contact us. We'll make the process smooth and easy!

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  Pennant Sports, Inc.      
  Sport Shop of Benton, Inc     Troy's Sport Center, Inc.
  Athletics Galore     SportsEdge
  Sportsmen's Den     A Perfect Game
  Sport About     Tomark Sports
  T and B Sports     Davis Sport Shop
Denver Athletic Supply      
  ARC Sports     Anthem Sports, LLC
  Grizzly River Sports     SportsEdge
  Herb's Sport Shop Inc     Guilford Sporting Goods
  Stadium System, Inc.      
  Al's Sporting Goods      
  Athletic House     All Pro Sporting Goods
  Fayette Sporting Goods    
Corbitt Vinyl Products
  Elite Sports Georgia      
  Ultra Hawaii     Sports Line
  The SportStation, Inc.     Van's Enterprises Ltd.
  Santo Sport Store     Temples Sporting Goods
  Kirhofers Sports      
  Pacesetter Sports     M.A.S.A./Sportsadvantage.com
  Arena Sporting Goods     Varsity Sports, Inc.
  Locker Room Sporting Goods      
  Dannco, Inc.     Sportsman's Inc.
  Dwight Hauff Sports      
  Grayson Sporting Goods     Dukes Sporting Goods
  Don's Sportsman     Athletic Center Inc
  Sports Designs      
  Turner Sporting Goods     Play It Again Sports
  Wight's Sporting Goods     Martin Sales Inc
  Gee and Bee Sporting Goods      
  Middletown Sportsland     Gunkels Sporting Goods
  Classic Team Sports, Inc.     The Sports Shoppe
  Atlantic Fitness Products     Riverside Sports
  Andover Hockey Shop     City Sporting Goods
  J&B Hockey and Sports     On Deck Sports
  Sarkisian Sportswear     Todd's Sporting Goods
  Butler Sporting Goods     Grogan-Marciano Sporting Goods
  Katman Sports     Neatco
  Five Seasons Sports & Recreation     Piesco Sporting Goods, Inc.
  U - Save Sports     SportsEdge
  Bolio's Sporting Goods      
  Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods     Superior Sport Store
  Trophy House      Reynolds & Sons Sporting Goods
  Buck-It Sporting Goods LLC.     Advantage Sports
  Dimmer-Warren Enterprises, Inc.      
  GameDay Athletic     DH Athletics LLC
  4 Sunz Sports & Graphics      
  Sports World Inc.      
  Odeys Field Experts     Lou's Sporting Goods
  Donner Ski Shop      
New Hampshire        
  Architectural School Equipment, LLC     Stateline Sports
  Martin Sales, Inc.     Daigneault's Sports
  Collins Sports Center     Indian Head Athletics
New Jersey        
  Partac Peat Corporation     R & R Trophy & Sporting Goods
  Sportworld     Sport Specialties
  Athletes Alley     Efinger Sporting Goods Co., Inc
  Screen Styles     FlagHouse Inc.
  Two Vics Sport Stop     Sport Connection
  D & G Sporting Goods     Stans Sport Center Inc.
  Sports Expert     R & S Sports Center
  Levy's Sports     Sports Outlet, Inc.
  Sports Field Solutions, LLC      
New York        
  Jim Ludtka Sporting Goods     Port Jefferson Sporting Goods
  The Stitch Witchery     Valle Baseball
  Watkins Sporting Goods     WJ Graphics & Sporting Goods LLC
  Laux Sporting Goods     Morley Athletic
  Toth's Sports     Laur-Lee Sports  
  Stuart Sports     Athmedics Inc.
  The Dugout Sporting Goods, Inc.     Goldstock's Sporting Goods
  Smitty Sports Inc.     The Sports Locker
  Anaconda Sports, Inc.     Lester's Upstate Sports
  Pollack Paint and Field     Jim Dalberth Sporting Goods
North Carolina        
  Bill Fritz Sports Corporation     Essic Sport Shop
  SportsEdge     Johnson-Lambe Sporting Goods
  Double Diamond Sports      
  Adler Team Sports     Roush Sporting Goods
  Wharmby Sports     Sports & Sports
  Trophy Sports Center     Pioneer Athletics
  Seasonal Sporting Goods     Fleming's Referee and Sport
  Albert Sporting Goods      
  Gregory's Sporting Goods      
  Bashor's Team Athletics     Les and Bobs Sports & Apparel
  Klamath Board Sports     Maximum Sports
  Oregon City Sports     Cascade Athletic Supply
  Maximum Sports      
  A D STARR     Blue Heron Sports
  Duke's Sporting Goods     Harder Sporting Goods Co., Inc.
  MVP Sports     Port's Sports Emporium
  S&S Processing     Sports Unlimited
  The Locker Room     Erie Sport Store, Inc.
  Freddy Battaglia Sporting Goods     Sportsman's
  Chuck Robbins Sporting Goods Company     Schuylkill Valley Sports
  LeWay Athletics     Century Sports Inc.
  Natale Sporting Goods     Shea's Sporting Goods/Hardware
  CTS Sports LLC     Dominic's Sports Inc.
  DeMans Team Sports     DJB Specialties, Inc.
  Dave's Pro Shop     Jim's Sports Center
  Wellington Sporting Goods, Inc.     SportsEdge
  Stripes & Strikes     Venezie Sporting Goods
  Port's Sports Emporium      
Rhode Island        
  Elmwood Sports Center      
South Carolina        
  All Star Sports     Jus' Sports
  T & T Sporting Goods, Inc.     Balls, Bats, & Gloves
  Uniform Work and Sport      
South Dakota        
  Daubys Sport Shop, Inc.     Hauff Mid America Sports
  Trigon Sports     Crazy Tommy's Sporting Goods, Inc
  Dugout Sports     Gulf Coast Athletic Supply
  Buck's Sporting Goods     Budget Sporting Goods, Inc
  Keith's II Sports     Kevin Smith Sports
  Risan Athletics     Kimmel Athletic Supply
West Virginia        
  Bee Tee Sports     Spartan Sporting Goods
  Beacon Athletics     Denis Sport Shop
  Home Team Sports & Apparel     Sports Stuff Inc.
  Bertrand's Sporting Goods, Inc.     Miller & Associates - Sauk Prairie, Inc.
  Burghardt Sporting Goods - Brookfield     Burghardt Sporting Goods - Fox Point
  KM SPORTS      
  Le Groupe Sports-Inter plus