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The Coaches Corner

Athletes perform better if they feel safe

Have you ever watched a baseball player uncontrollably slide into second base and cringed as the dust settled, concerned they broke their ankle and could be out for the season? Our Soft Touch® Bases are disengage-able baseball and softball bases, which means they flex and absorb energy as a player slides into the base. Once enough energy is applied, the patented Progressive Release action pops the base free from the mount, which reduces the risk of sliding-related injuries that come from a standard stationary base.

The best way to ensure a long and injury-free athletic career is to play it safe. That's why we designed our bases with you in mind - to reduce the chance of injuries and increase a player's performance in the game.  

Risks can be minimized with proper, safe and secure equipment.

Check out our premier safety base collections.  

We have bases for every field type! Regardless of model every one of our break away bases was created to be the softest, most durable, and safest option in the industry. Preventing serious injuries and staying in the game makes this investment worth it.

Premium Base Collection

Convertible Base Collection

Spike Down Base Collection

Indoor Base Collection
Little League Base Collection

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More than 3.5 million kids
under the age of 14 receive medical
treatment for sports injuries each year.