Coach: Baseball Coaching Notebook

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Baseball Coaching Notebook is the perfect coaching notebook for all baseball coaches. The notebook contains 108 pages alternating with a baseball field diagram page, grid-ruled page, and a blank page. The size (7.4 x 9.7 inches) makes it easy to carry in a bat bag or coach backpack. This would be a great idea for one of many baseball gifts!

The layout is ideal for any coach to make game notes, starting lineup assignments, keep track of pitch counts, batting averages, and general game or practice notes. The field diagram is perfect to show players exactly what needs to be done during critical game plays. The blank pages also provide an opportunity for coach or the Baseball Team Mom to add photographs or add clippings to scrapbook each game or the overall season memories. Imagine sitting down for a high school graduation gathering of a former player and reading through all of the game notes and memories collected through the seasons and years.