Baseball Bases

Bases For Indoor & Outdoor Baseball Fields

Welcome to the forefront of safety and innovation in sports equipment: our exclusive range of baseball bases and softball bases. At Soft Touch Bases, we strive to provide top-tier, safe, and reliable bases for baseball fields everywhere. 

Understanding the fast-paced and often high-impact nature of baseball, we've dedicated our resources to developing bases that offer unparalleled safety without compromising the integrity of the game. 

Whether you're outfitting a local youth league, high school field, or college stadium, our bases are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Our product line includes our progressive release (dis-engageable) baseball bases, turf bases, and  a more cost effective alternative, value bases.

What you get when buying from Soft Touch Bases:

  • Durability: Our bases are built to withstand heavy use and abuse and come with an industry-best, 1-year warranty.
  • Safety: Our bases meet critical safety regulations like the Little League “disengage-able” base rule.
  • Practicality: Our bases are straightforward to install and cater to different baseball and softball field types.
  • Affordability: Although not the cheapest, our bases are cost-effective for cities and other organizations. 
  • World-Class Customer Support: Our friendly team is ready to help with questions, concerns, and requests such as tax exempt purchases from non-profits.