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Replacement Parts & Accessories

Love our bases? Confused what to do with the parts? 

Always feel free to reach out to us if you are unsure of how to utilize one of our parts. 

For example: we recently were asked what was the use of a tapered plug? Our patented Soft Touch® premium safety bases are designed to be the softest, most durable, and safest option in the industry! Although, this isn't possible without utilizing the tapered plugs that come with the set or are sold separately. Our tapered plugs were created to be used within the ground mount of our Premium release bases while the base is in play. The purpose of this plug minimizes the risk of a runner's foot being caught in the ground mount after the base has released from the anchor.

All of our parts were designed to be used with the base collection they're sold with to enhance the safety of that specific collection. 

Soft Touch Bases provides FREE SHIPPING to United States customers except Alaska and Hawaii. We offer shipping on all of our products to Alaska and Hawaii, but shipping charges vary by weight, item, and shipping option.