For over 20 years, we have been creating safer bases, in order to reduce the risk of baseball and softball related injuries. See what our customer have to say about our products...


"The bases are terrific! That is why I have ordered sets over these past years and will continue to do so as the wear and tear makes it necessary to do so. Thanks for checking back with me!!" - Dave, Riga Recreation 


"We are happy to report no, not one, injury of any player over the 12 plus years we have used this product. We have games 6 nights a week and the heavy usage has been safe for every player because of our choice of Soft Touch Bases. We especially like the safety base at first base." - Jack Hull, Pike County Little League


 “Love these, (spike down bases) we have 6 sets of them. It’s a really good product. I only use two spikes instead of three. We look forward to getting more.” – Jeff Hankins


"Peabody Tanner Little League Softball is pleased to use Soft Touch bases at the 4 softball fields we maintain. We purchased at NEATCO sports in Peabody, MA. You have a great produce that holds up very well with metal cleats….we love ‘um!" -Robbz, Peabody Tanner Little League Softball


"As the Safety Office for the Swansea Little League, we only use Soft Touch bases. They are very safe for the kids and reduce injuries."
- Jordan K.


"Since we switched over to Soft Touch Bases, we have never had a leg injury occur sliding into the 2nd base area. We have used them for 20 plus years."
- Steven P.


"We've been very pleased with the quality of the product and the exceptional customer service."
- Bob M.


"Over the last 20 years, we have had NO injuries with players sliding into 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base.  We are small and only have 2 fields designed with the primary focus on Safety of the kids."
- Mike J.


"At the Park & Rec level where we need to switch base path distances daily, or even between games, the spike-down bases are perfect for our staff to get high-quality, tough, and safe bases out for all our leagues."
- Chad B.


"Soft Touch bases cannot be surpassed for ease of installation and safety."
- Jack B.


"The Anchoring System is very easy to use and the release system is about the best in the industry."
- Bill F.


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