Soft Touch Bases

Set of 3, 15" Premium Base Covers with Ground Mounts and Plugs

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Product Information: 

One of our most popular products

The A1500 Soft Touch® bases are a great choice for baseball and softball bases from youth to adult level play.  An excellent option for any field, Soft Touch® A Series bases are designed to release upon impact, reducing the risk of lower leg injuries that often occur in the midst of play. The A Series base style is easy to install and offers versatility when the ground mounts are buried at different lengths.

What’s Included:

  • Three Soft Touch® A Series 15” bases
  • Three 7” plastic in-ground mounts made of Hi-Impact ABS plastic
  • Three tapered plugs –to be used in the ground mount while base is in play
  • Installation Instructions

Additional Details:

  • Great for game or practice
  • Material: Durable cut resistant polyurethane
  • Model: A1500
  • Base dimensions: 15 x 15 x 2 ½
  • This set is also available with 14” youth-sized bases (Y1400)
  • Heavy duty drag plugs (AYPHD) sold separately
  • Made in the USA

    Thank you for choosing Soft Touch® Bases. Click here to download a complete installation instruction guide.