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Soft Touch Single Convertible Mounting Tee

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Product Information:

Replacement tee for the C Series Soft Touch® Bases - C1415M. This mounting tee has a unique design that will fit into a 1 ½” ground sleeve or over a 1” ground stake. Tee fits both the 14” and 15” C Series base covers. 

What’s Included:

  • One convertible mounting tee.
  • Detailed installation instructions.

Additional Details:

  • Nice option when only one replacement tee is needed.
  • Material: Durable cut resistant polyurethane.
  • Model: C1415M
  • Approximate Dimensions: 11” x 10” x 2”.
  • Additional C1415M sold separately (Set of 3 - C1415MS).
  • Replacement base covers sold separately.
  • Ground stakes (GSB) and ground sleeves (GSH) sold separately.
  • Universal anchor plug (Plug) sold separately

Thank you for choosing Soft Touch® Bases. Click here to download a complete installation instruction guide.