Five Tips for Coaching Young Athletes

Five Tips for Coaching Young Athletes

Are you new to coaching? Coaching is a rewarding job because you have the power to help children perform at their best abilities. Here are five tips to help you become a better coach.

1. Be flexible and versatile

Coaching kids is different than coaching elite professional athletes. The team should focus on building confidence and a long-term development through training. Focusing on winning causes children to stress quickly and become less self-aware of their teammates. Remember coaching is about adapting to your team needs in a competitive environment. 

2. Have confidence in your leadership skills

Technical knowledge will not impress kids if you are not approachable or likable. How you coach and influence others is more important than what you know. Understanding the basics is often enough to help kids engage in the sport.

3. Bring good vibes

Enthusiasm will encourage children to be excited about the game and practice. Do not be scared to act silly, bounce around, and become a performer to get teammates energized.



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4. Don’t chase medals

Chasing titles or medals will lead your team in the wrong direction. Instead, teach children how to have fun while developing a strong connection to the sport and their teammates.

5. Your influence will keep kids coming back

Seeing kids become excited about practice is one of the best indicators that you are a good coach. Long-term involvement requires dedication and passion in facilitating a coaching role. Set the example in your leadership by showing how to stay focused and committed to the team.

Youth coaching is a fulfilling job that requires a lot of responsibility. Coaching should be focused on accountability for your team and being adaptable to others’ needs. With a lot of passion and motivation, a team can truly excel.