How to Survive Baseball Withdrawals During the Off-Season

How to Survive Baseball Withdrawals During the Off-Season

The end of baseball season has fans feeling dreary as the long days of the sunshine and ball games are over. Winter is coming! Here is the ultimate guide to surviving the off-season.

Step 1: Continue to Live Your Life

The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series has every Cubs fan on cloud nine. This off-season will be rough for fans of the Cleveland Indians fans and every other Major League team, but we must continue charge ahead with our everyday lives. The sun will rise again, and the earth will keep spinning.

Step 2: Stay Busy

It is so easy to find distraction in the digital age, and Netflix is no better way to binge watch your favorite television series for 12 hours and hibernate. Bored with Netflix? Enjoy the great outdoors by snowboarding, skiing, or building snowmen this winter.

Step 3: Get a Hobby

Unleash your talents during the off-season by picking up a hobby. Play a game of chess with your buddies, go ice fishing or start a bowling league.

Step 4: There Are Other Sports

There are plenty of games to get into during off-season such as basketball, hockey, and wrestling. Use this time to cheer for other teams, and if your new favorite team also lets you down, you can always start your countdown to spring training.


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Step 5: Push Through It

Keep your head high and know that there will be withdrawals to fulfill our baseball needs. Remember MLB Network provides baseball coverage year around and baseball will begin again in March.