Losing with Integrity

Losing with Integrity

 In the world of sports, there will always be a loser and winner.  In reality, some teams face more victories while others are defeated. It is important as a competitive athlete to learn how to handle a loss well with ease and integrity.
  1. Don’t talk bad about the opposing team

Losing stinks because everyone wants to be a winner. The best way to provoke your emotions is when you are on the bus with your team. Nothing makes an athlete look like a coward more than when they are trash talking their opponents. Be the bigger person and set an example for your teammates.

  1. Don’t treat your teammates poorly

Sometimes mistakes can cost the team to lose the game. We are all human, and your team needs the support from everyone to get through the game and overcome the loss. You can’t change the scoreboard but have the power to change your attitude.

  1. Shake hands with your competitor

Being a team player is learning how to handle losses and wins during the season. By shaking hands with your opponent you show a sign of respect to the other team and coaches.

  1. Feeling disappointed is normal

Losing a game can feel like the end of the world even when you feel like you gave 100% of your effort and the scoreboard does not reflect the results you wanted to see. Take the loss as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes for a better game in the future.



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