Youth Baseball Coaching Tips

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Youth Baseball Coaching Tips

The mercury is dropping, days are getting shorter and worst of all, fall ball has ended. Since many youth baseball players have been practicing and competing since as early as March or April, both parents and players may have a hard time knowing what to do with the free time they now have. Follow these tips to coach your players through the offseason to come back strong and motivated when next season kicks off.

First of all, TAKE A BREAK. Players, especially those younger than high school-aged should participate in other sports during the off-season. Playing other sports can help prevent overuse injuries and youth burnout. Children can benefit from developing coordination and agility from participating in other sports such as basketball or soccer. 

Throwing doesn’t build arm strength. No matter the age, all players should take a break from throwing and swinging for at least a couple of months. A long season of throwing actually breaks down rotator cuff strength and scapular stabilizer proficiency. To ensure a long baseball career, baseball players of all ages should take time off from throwing during the off-season to keep their throwing arms healthy.

Athletes that are old enough to lift weights, such as high school- and college-aged players, can spend time in the gym to build explosiveness, power, strength and stability. The focus early in the off-season should be on raw strength and stability. Only later in the off-season should athletes turn to more baseball-specific training, and minimally so for young athletes. Do you lack a background in strength training? A strength and conditioning coach can work with you to create a pre-season strength program for your team.

These days, even at the youth levels, baseball has become a year round sport with increasing participation in travel teams and off-season baseball workouts. Win championships in the off-season when you give your team the proper rest and recovery needed to succeed year after year.


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