Shopping around? See how disengaging bases compare.

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Shopping around? See how disengaging bases compare.

When it comes to baseball, we all want to win, but player safety remains a top priority for teams as well. The design of our patented Soft Touch Progressive Release baseball base promotes both aggressive and safer play. It releases from its anchor with just the right amount of force, reducing the chance for player injuries.

The Progressive Release design means the base will flex until there is enough pressure applied to remove the base from its mount, allowing players to safely run and slide into our bases. Of the choices out there for bases that disengage from an anchor, our Progressive Release bases are easy to install and is the best option to keep teams safe on the field.

Let's look at the options below:

While there are many options out there for baseball bases, we’re firm believers that our Soft Touch® Progressive Release Bases are the right investment to keep players on the winning side of safety. Our bases are more expensive but the polyurethane material are gentle on the ankles which helps minimizes the potential for player injuries on every surface.



Soft Touch Bases has a variety of bases to outfit any field. When purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you’ll be receiving the product at the lowest price possible. Buy direct and SAVE!


Whether you’re coaching Little League or college athletes, the patented design is the latest in base safety technology, putting player (and slider) safety above all else.